Home Cold Remedy

An effective home cold remedy can be based on specific nutrients or it can be made with plants and/or herbs having targeted properties.

Let's look at a few alternatives to treat those nasty colds.

Home Remedy for colds #1 : Boxwood infusion

A boxwood infusion can be effective as much internally than externally : it combats effectively viruses and fever and can also be used to heal scars and wounds.

Composition and preparation of this home cold remedy

¤ Put three solid tablespoon of boxwood leaves in a non-metallic, heat-resistant pot.
¤ Pour three glasses of water on top.
¤ Bring to boil and simmer for fifteen minutes.
¤ Cover and let cool down.

To stimulate your body's transpiration : filter and drink 3 glasses every 15 minutes. Stay warm in bed or in a sofa with good blankets.

To treat viruses such as colds : filter and drink three glasses every day until symptoms disappear. Have your boxwood infusion between meals as musch as possible.

To disinfect and heal a wound : Soak a clean towel in the preparation and use as a bangage on the affected area.

Home Cold Remedy #2 : Thyme Fumigation

A thyme fumigation is a powerful way to beat colds as well as sinus infections. Although you can use dried thyme leaves with good results, fresh thyme branches will work even better.

Composition and preparation

¤ Put one teaspoon of dried thyme or two branches of fresh thyme in an inhaler.
¤ Pour one and a half glass of hot water.
¤ Cover your head with a large towel and place yourself over the inhaler.
¤ Inhale while the preparation is warm.
¤ Repeat twice a day.
¤ Keep warm after the fumigation.

Home Cold Remedy #3 : Honey and Thyme Infusion

Composition and preparation

¤ Put one tablespoon of dried thyme or three branches of fresh thyme in a teapot.
¤ Pour three cups of hot water on top.
¤ Let infuse for ten minutes and filter.
¤ Add natural honey.
¤ Drink 6 cups every day.

Home Cold Remedy #4 : Hot lemon and honey beverage

To prevent colds you can alternate the following preparation with the Thyme infusion.

Composition and preparation

¤ Put one tablespoon of natural honey in a teacup.
¤ Pour half a cup of hot water on top.
¤ Mix to dissolve the honey.
¤ Press a fresh lemon in the teacup.
¤ Mix and drink after lunch and dinner.

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