Home Hair Remedy

An effective home hair remedy can be based on specific nutrients or it can be made with plants and/or herbs having targeted properties.

Healthy and abundant hair enhances our look and projects an image of strenght. However, you cannot have healthy hair if your body lacks essential nutrients. If you suffer from hair loss your first priority should be to find the best sources of vitamin A & B, silica and sulfur. The vitamins will stimulate the brilliance of your hair and will increase the growth and pigmentation of your hair. Silica and sulfur will support new hair growth.

An effective home hair remedy can simply take the form of a daily diet full of the following fresh food :

  • Wheat sprout
  • Green vegetables
  • Yellow vegetables
  • Whole wheat cereals
  • Garlic and onion
  • Soy & soybean
  • Nuts and almonds
  • Dates
  • Eggs
  • Honey

If you cannot eat enough of the above, then consider a quality herbal supplement. Click here for our personal suggestion.

An appropriate daily intake of the above may, however, not be enough. Blood circulation is also an important aspect of hair growth. If your blood does not circulate well your scalp will not be properly irrigated and your hair will dry up and fall.

Toxins accumulated in your blood slow down its circulation in your system. Cholesterol and damaged blood vessels will also reduce the fluidity of your blood. You can prevent hair loss by keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure under control !

Physical activity and a healthy diet will also help you achieve this objective. Click here to learn how to control blood pressure and cholesterol, the natural way.

Home Hair Remedy

This home hair remedy is an excellent maceration to stop hair loss and stimulate new growth.

Composition and preparation

20 grams Boxwood leaves
20 grams Rosemary leaves
50 grams Burdock roots
50 grams Nasturtium seeds
50 grams zesty Nettle leaves
50 grams Thyme leaves

¤ Put five tablespoon of the above mix in a non-metallic, heat-resistant pot.
¤ Pour three glasses of water on top.
¤ Bring to boil and simmer for fifteen minutes.
¤ Cover and rest.
¤ Massage the scalp twice a day with half a glass of the filtered maceration.

The quantity prepared of this Home Hair Remedy is enough for three days.

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