Home remedy for heartburns

An effective home remedy for heartburns can be based on specific nutrients or it can be made with plants and/or herbs having targeted properties.

Natural remedy for heartburns with fruits and vegetables

Heartburns and gastric ulcers will calm down when they face carrots, cabbage, lemon, raisins, apples, tomatoes and pinneaples. Make sure you include a good portion of these fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

Remedy for heartburns with plants and/or herbs

Home remedy for heartburns

This infusion is ideal to treat digestion problems and gastric ebb.

Composition and preparation

20 grams Star anise
20 grams Marjoram flower tips
20 grams Lemon balm flowers
20 grams Minth flower tips
20 grams Sour orange barks
20 grams Licorice roots
20 grams Sage leaves
20 grams Verbena flowers

¤ Put four tablespoon of the above mix in a non-metallic, heat-resistant pot.
¤ Pour four glasses of water on top.
¤ Bring to boil and simmer for three minutes.
¤ Cover and rest.
¤ Let infuse for fifteen minutes.
¤ Filter and drink one glass after each meal.

The quantity prepared of this Home remedy for heartburns is good for two days.

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