Skin care home remedy

An effective skin care home remedy can be based on specific nutrients or it can be made with plants and/or herbs having targeted properties.

Natural skin care remedy with fruits and vegetables

If you include lots of the following nutrients in your daily diet you will be able to fight skin disorders in an effective manner : artichokes, lemon, cucumbers, celeriac, asparagus and radish. Of course, they should all be consumed preferably fresh or steamed.

Skin care home remedy with plants and/or herbs

Skin care home remedy #1

This infusion is laxative and depurative and is an excellent relief agent for skin eruptions and itches.

Composition and preparation

10 grams of Borage flowers
10 grams of Horsetail plant
10 grams of Sarsaparilla
10 grams of Senna leaflet
10 grams of Wild thyme
15 grams of Madder roots
15 grams of Licorice roots
20 grams of St. John's wort flower tips
20 grams of Saponin flowers
30 grams of Blackberry alder barks

¤ Put four tablespoons of the above mix in a non-metallic, heat-resistant pot.
¤ Pour two glasses of water on top.
¤ Bring to boil and simmer for three minutes.
¤ Cover and rest.
¤ Let infuse for fifteen minutes.
¤ Filter and drink one glass before going to bed at night.

The quantity prepared of this Skin care home remedy is enough for two days.

Skin care home remedy #2

This skin care home remedy is a marvelous oil that will soften your skin and protect it against redness and irritations. It will also preserve your skin against wrinkles and whitering.

Composition and preparation

10 grams of Lavender flowers
10 grams of Mallow leaves
10 grams of Minth leaves
10 grams of Elder flowers
20 grams of Crabgrass roots
20 grams of Eglantine berries
20 grams of Nettle plant
20 grams of Sage leaves
20 grams of Linden tree flowers
30 grams of Heather flowers
30 grams of Chervil

¤ Mix carefully all these herbs and plants.
¤ Take half of the mix and put in a pot to steam.
¤ Pour two cups of almond oil and two cups of wheat sprouts.
¤ Steam for two hours. Mix frequently with a wooden spoon.
¤ Cover and rest in a fresh environment.
¤ Let macerate for ten days.
¤ Filter the oil into a flask or bottle.
¤ Cover your face and body with the oil before going under the sun.

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