Among the many existing medicinal plants, ginseng is one of the best. Ginseng or panax ginseng, it contributes to the proper functioning of the human body. At the time, ginseng was only found in dense forests, but thanks to its incredible healing effects on the human body, many growers opted to produce ginseng. The countries that produce the most ginseng in the world are Japan, the United States, Korea and Canada. There are many varieties of ginseng, and each variety has its own effect on different organs of the human body.

How do I use ginseng?

Like all medicinal plants, there are a few methods of use that must be followed. Doctors confirm that ginseng's ineffectiveness is caused by a misuse of the plant by the patient. You will need water, some panax ginseng roots. Boil about a few millilitres of water, after adding some dried ginseng roots, from 3 to 5g. Let it simmer for a quarter of an hour. Before consuming it, let your decoction cool, and filter afterwards. The ideal is to consume it in the morning for maximum efficiency. The duration of the treatment with organic ginseng is variable, depending on the method of treatment and the country where it is practiced. In Europe, the treatment lasts 3 months, while traditional Chinese doctors do not set treatment durations. For the Chinese, the cure continues until complete healing. In general, the beneficial effects appear after 10 days of treatment.

White ginseng or red ginseng?

These two varieties of ginseng belong to the large Asian ginseng family. Korean red ginseng and white ginseng differ in their method of preparation, flavour and healing properties. Easier to make, white ginseng wins this round. After harvesting, white ginseng is cleaned and dried. An average temperature of 35° is required for drying. For red ginseng, it is necessary to immerse it in a sweet liquid, and then place it above a source of steam. The Koreans invented this method of production. On the flavour side, they all have very particular flavours, white ginseng has a milder, slightly bitter flavour, while red ginseng is pungent.

The effects of ginseng on the human body

Thanks to its method of preparation, red ginseng has more energizing effects. Traditional doctors use it to treat episodes of fatigue, or to boost the body's functioning. Korean ginseng is a natural aphrodisiac for treating erectile dysfunction. In women, ginseng is used to alleviate menopausal symptoms. Trials have shown a role for ginseng in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. It also plays a role in stabilizing blood pressure.
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