Is Daflon effective for hemorrhoids?


Hemorrhoidal is one of the common medical conditions in men. The recent study states a prevalence of around 25% in the population of adults and more than 50% for those who are more than 50years. One needs to look for medication before it's too late.

However, the incidences and the prevalence are most likely to be higher, bearing in mind that in some patients, the condition starts in an asymptomatic fashion.

The basis of hemorrhoidal disease can either be vascular or mechanical:
Vascular aspects are increasingly known as playing a vital role in the cause of hemorrhoidal disease via alteration of the vascular plexuses and the dysfunction of arteriovenous shunts, which lead to increased abdominal pressure.

Based on mechanical theory, the supportive assembly of the hemorrhoidal plexus goes through spontaneous involution, such as excessive laxity, which leads to improper placement of the internal hemorrhoids. Abdominal pressure and acute intrarectal are worsening factors.

Hemorrhoidal diseases are normally associated with inflammation. Therefore, the treatment of hemorrhoids need to achieve three aims that are:

• To eliminate local triggering and mechanical factors
• To minimize the inflammation
• Always present in an acute manifestation and establish microcirculatory conditions and optimal hemodynamic.

Eliminate local triggering and mechanical factors

To achieve the first aim, it is essential to observe various dietary measures and lifestyles that represent the treatment's beginning.

The dietary measures should always have abundant liquids and fiber-rich food to ensure the alvus is regulated well and to maintain soft stools consistency. Mechanical laxatives like liquid paraffin and vaseline can be used to this end, and also avoid taking stimulative drinks like tea, spices, and alcohol.

Good care should consider personal cleanliness and daily habits, a sedentary lifestyle, avoiding smoking, and a sitting posture for prolonged periods.

There is doubt on local treatment, which can be done via agents hired in various combinations such as anti-inflammatory drugs and local anesthetics. All these medicines have a favorable impact on clinical phenomenology despite all the doubts. However, French online pharmacy offers medicines at a favorable price.

Minimise the inflammation

The second aim to achieve in the medication of hemorrhoidal illness is to prevent inflammation. The study shows that metabolites of arachidonic acid are leukotrienes and prostaglandin levels are more high in the acute phase.

Therefore, it is important to administer in acute hemorrhoidal illness substances to antagonize the work of the chemical mediators of inflammation, including the lymphokines and the kinins, and to hinder enzymatic activation of arachidonic acid.

Reestablish microcirculatory and optimal hemodynamic conditions

Microcirculatory and hemodynamic disorders bring inflammation of tissues and decrease venous tone. The key inflammatory mediators are TXA-2 and PGE-2, whose has a high level of attacks. The medical manifestations of the disorders are bleeding and pain, which is stressful in a patient's life.

However, Daflon 500 mg offers comprehensive pharmacy answers for hemorrhoid treatment. The flavonoids (daflon 500 mg) have been known to restrain lysosome enzymes and tamper with enzymes responsible for the flow of arachidonic acid, which leads to inflammation.

The drugs have also shown an antioxidant task that allows it to go against free radicals and decrease the impact on the synthesis of TXA-2 and PGE-2 by the macrophage.

All these effects lead to the reduction of the pericapillary permeability and a rise in capillary resistance to blood extravasation in the interstitium. The hemodynamic impact shows itself via an increase in a venous tone that manifests clinically and experimentally.

Regarding clinical benefits, recent studies show that the drugs are suitable for recurrent and acute attacks.

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