Lithotherapy, or the use of the healing properties of stones, is a method that humanity has been practicing worldwide for nearly five thousand years. Most often, we unconsciously stimulate our bodies with the energy of stones by wearing jewellery decorated with them. They may have the power to heal both mentally and physically. What is the power of stones? See for yourself.

Lithotherapy - an age-old discipline

Today, lithotherapy, i.e. treatment with natural stones, is viewed through the prism of alternative medicine. However, as a treatment method, lithotherapy was already known in ancient times, when Babylonian, Greek, Roman and Egyptian physicians used precious stones to improve the mental and physical health of their patients. In the Middle Ages, gemstones were used as a common medicine. Depending on the disease, the appropriate stone for the powder was ground and given to patients in this form. To this day, wealthy people in India use a drink made from hot milk and shredded emerald, sapphire, pearl or ruby crumbs to treat various ailments.

Positive energy from stones

According to the oriental mystical vision, each stone has a soul and is capable of accumulating, storing and emitting a wonderful and beneficial energy. Therefore, the healing power of the stones comes from this positive energy which, according to the principle of resonance, affects people. The chemical compounds of the stones and the human body contain the same bioelements. This is why man has so much in common with minerals and can use their energies. Depending on the vibration of the accumulated energy, the right stone can heal the human body, mind or emotions. If there is a lack of energy in the body, gemstones release it and thus make up the deficit. However, if it is too much, they do the opposite - they consume too much energy. And all this is done in order to restore the body's energy balance, to fight disease and to restore the free flow of energy in a healthy body.

How to use the power of stones?

Each stone purchased or found should be stored in separate sealed bags, away from any object that might interfere with its energy, such as a radio, television or other electrical device. Before each use, the stone should be thoroughly cleaned, preferably under running water. Precious stones that do not react to salt can also be placed in a salt container for several hours. A good method of cleaning stones is also to bury them in the ground for several hours. Sunlight or moonlight and stars can be used to enhance the positive energy from the stones.

Magic properties

The use of the magical power of precious and semi-precious stones in lithotherapy requires knowledge of their properties. Below is a list of the most popular stones and an explanation of how they can help: - Agate is a protective stone. It helps to achieve finesse and wisdom in interpersonal relationships. Regulates the state of finances. It works well in: depression, chronic stress, anxiety relief, slimming, problem pregnancies, breastfeeding disorders, skin allergies, liver, pancreas, lung and kidney problems. - Aquamarine - promotes openness to new experiences and contact with people. It cleanses the soul and frees you from trouble. Brings relief from seasickness. - Amazonite - soothes stress and calms you down. It adds confidence and stimulates creativity and the ability to create. - Amethyst - relieves emotional tension, helps fight various addictions and combats nightmares. Works for the treatment of migraine. Useful for solving intimate problems, restores sexual balance and emotional harmony in a relationship. It is also effective in the fight against fleas in animals (after throwing it in a bowl of water). - Aventurine - has an intense calming effect. Perfectly frees from fears and anxieties. It allows you to overcome fear, anxiety, depression and neurosis. Calms hyperactive children and combats sleeping problems. Supports the treatment of heart and skin diseases. It attracts abundance and wealth. - Amber - activates energy, allows you to get rid of fears and restrictions. Protects against harmful radiation and promotes business prosperity. It relieves pain, especially rheumatic pain. In addition, it supports the immune system, promotes wound healing and thyroid diseases and prevents the formation of wrinkles. - Citrine - adds confidence, optimism and clarity of mind. Its special power can be felt during examinations. Eliminates irritability, restores emotional balance. It is also resistant to digestive disorders, diabetes, diabetes, allergies, circulation problems and depression. - Chalcedony - calms, strengthens and soothes. Facilitates the expression of feelings and decision making. It inhibits impulsivity and prevents aggression attacks. Supports the treatment of throat, larynx, hoarseness, fever and bleeding. - Diamond - brings clarity of thought and harmonization of the brain hemispheres. It adds energy and releases all energy blockages in the body. Reinforces positive thinking. It works perfectly to restore hormonal balance, kidney, bladder, spine and joint diseases. - Fluorine - cleanses the overloaded nervous system and increases the capacity to absorb new information. Has the ability to deepen concentration and improves brain function. Confronts bone diseases, rheumatism, toothache. - Garnet - awakens sexual energy and passion. Increases libido in women and fights impotence in men. It is useful to complete the tasks started because it adds energy to the action. Used in the treatment of circulatory diseases, skin diseases, arthritis, rheumatism, intoxication and hypothyroidism. - Hematite - strengthens resistance to stress and oxygenates the body. Increases awareness and helps to realize your dreams. Treats inflammation, purifies the blood and regenerates diseased cells. - Jade - symbolizes longevity, wisdom, power and mental balance. It is a fertility stone. Helps fight insomnia and migraines. - Jasper - absorbs negative energies, cleanses guilt and acts as an anti-stress. This is especially important for women, as it not only awakens their sex life, but also their struggle and help in the birth of children. - Moonstone (adularia) - soothing and calming. Stimulates spiritual development and intuition. Teaches sensitivity and delicacy. Works very well in the treatment of skin diseases, fertility and lactation problems. It also helps to have a smooth pregnancy and delivery. - Malachite - promotes concentration and deep knowledge. Works against pain of various and bactericidal origins. Cleanses the energy field, helps to fight depression and rheumatism. - Onyx - adds confidence, strengthens character, removes fear and insecurity. Perfectly strengthens the pancreas, tolerates stomach aches, improves blood formation and strengthens hearing, heart, bones and eyes. - Opal - broadens your horizons, adds strength, vitality and wisdom. Strengthens a weak heart, stomach, intestines, eyesight, hair and nails. It has a positive effect on the human psyche and system. - Cultured Pearls - cleanses the body from the physical and mental. Stimulates digestive processes and rejuvenates the skin. - Ruby - brings harmony of mind and body. It encourages and protects. Cures anaemia, liver problems, viral diseases and fever. It perfectly energizes the body and brain. - Sapphire - sapphire is a stone of intuition and enlightenment. It opens the mind, strengthens the intellect, teaches loyalty. Effective in the treatment of neuroses and mental illnesses. In addition, it strengthens the nervous, circulatory and cardiac systems. Helps fight insomnia, stomach ulcers, eye inflammation and asthma. - Emerald - improves mood, strengthens, adds energy, promotes personal development. It regenerates and strengthens the body and mind. Fights persistent headaches, improves memory, treats bacterial infections, rejuvenates, reduces high blood pressure and supports the work of all internal organs.   - Topaz - promotes problem solving, attracts love, health and abundance. It improves mood and brings joy. It promotes concentration and frees from worries and sorrows. Useful in digestive problems, heart and liver problems, insomnia and in the fight against neuralgia. - Turquoise - it is a protective stone, attracts positive energy, teaches friendship and opens up to the world. It helps to fight nightmares, stuttering, strengthens weakened heart, eyes and supports the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections. - Tiger's eye - it is a stone for allergy sufferers as it helps to fight allergies, conjunctivitis and upper respiratory tract inflammation. It also adds confidence and strengthens revolutionary power. It helps to make dreams come true and achieve your goals.
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