It's easier to understand that I no longer want to live with stress or depression on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are solutions that can relieve those like me who no longer want to live. Suicide comes from the fact that one feels an intense pain from living.

What causes people to commit suicide?

The death of a person is a painful event, it is even more painful when a loved one dies by suicide. This stage is even more difficult than a simple death because the loved ones of the deceased feel a deep sadness as well as a mixture of different feelings such as anger, confusion, misunderstanding, distress and even sometimes guilt for not having been able to prevent this act. Several factors can lead people to commit suicide. These may include predisposing factors related to the situation, such as depression. Suicide can also be triggered by a family and friends environment. There are factors that can precipitate a suicide: humiliation, job loss, heartbreak or academic failure.

What should you do whe you are having a hard time living?

To reduce the desire to kill yourself, it is sometimes useful to diversify your activities and go shopping. Try to entertain yourself by, for example, choosing to indulge yourself by buying things of great value or simply going to a concert by a favourite artist. The other way to stop thinking about suicide is to travel. Instead of suffering more, it is better to break the routine and take a few days of vacation abroad, for example, or even go abroad for those who can afford it. It may be that meeting people from all over the world, escaping the very hostile social environment and making new friends can help people who no longer want to live to improve their mood.

Some Warning Signs that may be a sign of suicide

It is possible to identify people who have had an injury to their body or mind. Certain words are often revealing. I don't want to live anymore; Ah, if I could not wake up... Some words are indirect: I'm useless; You'd be better off without me; I've screwed up everything in my life... It can also be about attitudes and behaviors such as aggressiveness, isolation, sadness, giving away personal belongings, unusual use of alcohol or illegal substances...
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