All brands, and many others, sell their products on the internet. But they are far from all offering the same quality of service to their customers.

The method

Among the many sites that market beauty products, we have chosen seven. On each of these sites, we have placed an anonymous order so that we can give you a real insight into the quality of the various services. In addition to the range of choice and the price range, we have focused on evaluating the first expected service: reliability. We placed an order for products at low prices, evaluated the simplicity of the process, assessed the quality of the follow-up of this order, the cost of delivery, the respect of the commitment on deadlines. But our test does not focus on the quality of the products purchased. In terms of cosmetics, each consumer may have his or her own preferences and a more or less large budget to devote to this type of purchase. However, some sites are committed to helping and accompanying us in our choices, in particular through advice or diagnostics based on a questionnaire. - Our prize list Our test showed for all these sites the reliability of their services (order confirmation, delivery...). This ranking is therefore based on elements that make the difference: - speed in choosing a product, - presentation of the different sections of the site, - the "pluses" (advice, promotions...), - special discounts and promotions, - the cost of delivery, - the ease of reaching customer service.
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