Understanding the therapeutic virtues of diamond in lithotherapy


Litho treatment therapy is the practise of using natural stones, crystals and minerals in order to promote a therapeutic effect. This can be through massage, meditation or placing crystal stones on the body in order to utilise the healing vibrational properties unique to each stone. Civilisations throughout the centuries, from the Aztecs and Ancient Greeks to Eastern Chinese and Indian medicine, have all enjoyed the positive energies emitted by stones. In modern everyday life, there are many different ways to enjoy this type of ancient therapy, with mineral and crystal stones able to heal, relax as well as promote confidence and help users to align with personal goals and progress.


As stones go, the diamond stone is one of the most important when it comes to this type of therapy. This is because diamonds are most closely aligned with the Crown chakra. The Crown chakra connects the body to the mind, and allows for deeper wisdom and understanding of the world around us and our place in it. Using diamonds as part of therapeutic stone practises can help ensure the Crown chakra remains open, and helps the person to fulfil their full potential, free of mental blocks and limitations. Diamonds are renowned for their strength and this powerful energy can be transmitted to whoever is holding or wearing the diamonds at the time. Diamonds are also able to absorb and hold a phenomenal amount of energy, which allows for further connection to the higher self. In terms of physical healing, diamonds are particularly useful with helping the body to retain integrity and inner balance. This gemstone is able to do this by actively cleansing and removing negative energy from the body’s sensory systems, especially the brain and also the nervous system. As diamonds are able to increase the body’s energy levels by transmitting their own positive energy field, they are also excellent when it comes to anti-aging and boosting physical vitality. From an emotional healing perspective, diamonds bring a great deal of happiness and pleasure just from wearing them. This is not just down to the obvious beauty of the gemstone, but due to the high frequency of positive energy emitted. As such, wearing diamonds can help act as a mood boosting stone, and help wearers to feel more confident and better aligned with their inner self. Diamonds can be worn in a variety of jewellery settings, and can even be inlaid into watch faces, making them ideal to be worn daily by both men and women alike. For more information as to the various qualities of the diamond Minerals Kingdom has everything you need to know and more.

Litho Therapy

Litho therapy is an ancient technique that uses lots of different healing methods in order to promote better physical and mental wellbeing. With influences from both Eastern and Western cultures, this type of therapy combines meditation, massage and the use of crystals and minerals to help with healing and relaxation, as well as harnessing the natural vibrations of the stones. Mineral and crystal stones can be placed at various points on the body to align with the chakras, in order to keep all chakras open and prevent any energy blockages. As a non-invasive therapy, it is useful for a range of different mental and physical conditions. The therapy can be done by a practitioner who is trained in how to use each stone to maximise the desired healing effect. However, the use of crystal and mineral stones for healing can also be done by a complete beginner, as the natural energy and vibration of the stone does not need any special training to still be used effectively. Although there is no scientific evidence to support the use of these ancient therapies, it cannot be underestimated how important energy is as a tool for healing. Indeed, anecdotal evidence of all alternative therapies would certainly seem to suggest that the users gain much emotional and physical help from these practises. A strong belief in the effectiveness of the therapy is also important, and connecting with the crystal and mineral stones is an integral part of these ancient healing techniques.

Natural Stone Jewellery

One of the best ways to raise your vibration and enjoy the natural positive energies from crystal healing is by wearing natural stone jewellery. This style of jewellery can be worn in many different types of ways, from bracelets and pendants to earrings and rings. Each stone provides a unique healing property, so it is important to choose the right piece of natural stone jewellery for you, in order for it to be most effective. Rose quartz, for example, is a popular choice as not only is this blush pink stone easy to wear, but it also aligns with values of peace, love and good health. Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful blue stone that was often used by the Egyptians in headpieces and jewellery as it is said to bring greater self-awareness and promote feelings of inner harmony and balance. Dark black stones, such as tourmaline and shungite, are good for promoting protection and warding away negative energies. Shungite is also useful for protecting against electromagnetic frequencies, so is a good choice to be worn by someone who works closely with computers or lots of electronic equipment. Amethyst is renowned for its lilac purple hues, and is one of the most healing of gemstones. Other popular stones for jewellery include citrine to help manifest greater wealth and success, along with turquoise for healing and tiger’s eye to boost motivation. Clear quartz is a great all purpose crystal, as it is able to absorb the wearer’s intentions and can be used for a range of healing properties.

When not being worn, the natural stones can still continue to vibrate and radiate positive energy. This means that hanging a pendant over a picture of a loved one, or leaving your rings or earrings in a side dish close to your bed as you sleep can still continue to promote the healing and positive effects of the stones, even when not physically against the skin. They can also be worn in the bath in order to increase the positive healing vibrations of the water, sometimes known as a healing bath. Try adding rose petals and Himalayan salts to create a truly luxurious, healing experience.

Minerals and Crystals

The use of mineral and crystals has been part of energy healing techniques for centuries, and it is easy to see why. Each individual crystal or mineral carries its own unique vibrational quality, which can be aligned to a person’s aura in order to promote a host of healing and therapeutic effects. However, using a crystal or mineral stone is not a guarantee of healing results. In fact, it is very important to always remember that as much as you are choosing a crystal or mineral, it is also choosing you. In order to make the most of their positive energy, there must be a connection between the user and the crystal. The best way to discover this connection is to always take your time when buying any crystal or mineral. What does your gut instinct say as you touch it and hold it in your palm? When you look at the crystal or mineral, do you feel any kind or sensation or reaction? The right crystal or mineral will emit an instant connection that will help you decide which one is the right one for you.

Although vibrational energy cannot be seen, it can most definitely be felt, so it is crucial to take the time to shop carefully for all your crystal and mineral purchases, in order to gain the most from their healing energies and properties. Once you have selected your chosen mineral or crystal, it is also important to regularly cleanse their energies. This is to ensure the auras of the crystal or mineral stone do not become blocked or absorb too much negative energy. This can then interrupt their ability to heal, so it is important to revert them back to their original state. Cleansing a crystal or mineral stone can be done once a month, either by using running water or natural light. Be sure to always dry your stones carefully so they are not damaged by being left in water, and if possible, try to use salt water as this not only cleanses the crystal, but can also charge it with positive energy for future use. Leaving a crystal or mineral stone to cleanse and charge under the light of the full moon is also a great way to remove any stored negative energy and prepare it for all future uses.

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