The use of CBD is increasingly popular, especially in the medical field. If this component attracts so much attention, it is undoubtedly due to its many therapeutic virtues. To understand what cbd really is, it seems necessary to look at its origin: the hemp plant. Here are some explanations on the subject.

CBD: a component of Cannabis

More than 400 organic compounds are found in the hemp plant. Among these molecules is the group of cannabinoids, composed of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol or CBD. Unlike THC, the latter has no psychoactive effect, although it acts on the human nervous system. CBD has health benefits, hence its name "medical cannabis". Cannabidiol has no addictive or psychotropic effects, unlike THC. Therapeutic cannabis has become a real business in just a few years, leading to the creation of all kinds of products. CBD-based products are filling up the markets and come in various forms to satisfy everyone. Sprays, oils, capsules, e-liquids, creams and ointments, teas, sprays, food products, seeds... There is something for every taste. Passionate about plants, the CBDOO website offers the sale of natural products made from therapeutic cannabis.

The benefits provided by the consumption of the CBD

Although medical cannabis is the subject of much controversy, its wellness virtues have convinced many patients. The most common use of CBD is for the relief of pain, whether chronic or disease-related. The component is also believed to have anti-inflammatory and anticonvulsive properties. On the other hand, cannabidiol is also known for its anxiolytic and soothing functions. The latter relieves the muscles and helps to fight stress, depression and insomnia in a lasting way. It has also been suggested that the compound may cure certain illnesses such as multiple sclerosis. Patients suffering from Alzheimer's have also seen a real improvement following CBD treatment. On the aesthetic side, CBD oil works effectively to cure certain skin problems such as acne. Its anti-oxidant properties slow down the aging of the skin and improve the functioning of the metabolism.

Cannabidiol and legislation

While CBD is legal in some countries, it remains within the scope of alternative medicine in others. In France, the cultivation, consumption and marketing of cannabis is illegal, due to the presence of THC in the plant. As for cannabidiol, its consumption is not prohibited, as it is not considered to be a narcotic. However, European legislation is clear and strict on the subject, and CBD products on the market must not contain more than 0.2 per cent THC. As a result, CBD, in all its forms, is authorised for consumption and marketing in France.
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