Zinc is a trace element essential to the body. It has many health benefits. This contribution has a stimulating role on the immune system. It is also beneficial for the skin and hair. This trace element must be consumed in small quantities on a daily basis. Discover foods rich in zinc.

Beef and chicken meats

Zinc is present in large quantities in calf liver. Veal liver has about 12 mg of zinc per 100 g if it is raw. In order to benefit from the zinc provided by calf liver, the meat can be cooked in a frying pan, in carpaccio or in the oven. Veal liver is simple to cook, prepare and match. Braised pieces of beef contain a good amount of zinc. The proportion is estimated at 9.25 mg per 100 g. The meat can be eaten as stew, fashionable beef or stew. Zinc is found in lean ground beef. It contains about 4.12 mg of zinc per 100 g. In order to retain the optimal amount of the trace element, it is recommended to eat the preparation raw or rare. Chicken is an alternative to beef and veal. It contains a good amount of zinc. This food can be eaten grilled to benefit from an optimal supply of the trace element.


Oysters are among the foods richest in zinc in a proportion of 39.30 mg per 100 g. Raw wild Atlantic oysters are the most renowned for their supreme richness in zinc. Ideally, eat them raw. Crab contains a good dose of zinc. It can be eaten in different forms: boiled, steamed, with salad or with mayonnaise. Lobster is a good source of zinc. It can be eaten grilled or eaten as is after a short broth for about ten minutes.

Vegetable products

Roasted squash seeds are the best source of zinc. They are rarely eaten separately, but like some seasonings, they can be mixed with certain preparations (sweet and savoury) to provide an excellent source of zinc. Dried Japanese mushrooms are renowned for their supreme richness in zinc. They can be added to various preparations. Before incorporating them into your recipes, rehydrate them. Put them for about fifteen minutes in lukewarm water and for about ten minutes in boiling water. You can combine the mushrooms with meat. Wheat germ is rich in zinc with a proportion of 16.7 mg per 100 g. This product is sold in organic shops and in the health food section. It can be mixed with salad, cheese or cereal. Lentils are a vegetarian's best ally to get a good dose of zinc. 100 g of these legumes contain almost 5.5 mg of this trace element. Lentils can be prepared as a purée, salad, meal accompaniment or soup. In addition to strengthening the immune system, zinc has an antioxidant action. It effectively cures colds. This trace element is also beneficial for skin health. It has a healing power.

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