There is nothing more relaxing than a good foot massage after a long and tiring day at work. Foot reflexology provides unparalleled well-being, as standing or sitting prevents blood from circulating properly. The problem is that once you start working, you have such a busy schedule that it is often difficult to find a niche in the market for a relaxation centre. Fortunately, there is now a foot massage device that allows you to indulge in a moment of pleasure at home!

The different types of foot massagers

Above all, be aware that a foot massage machine cannot be used in all situations. If you are injured on the soles of your feet, it is prohibited. This is also the case for sprains, fungus, fractures, warts, etc. A woman at the beginning of her pregnancy may not use a foot massager unless the gynaecologist advises her to do so. There are different types of massage machines. You have, for example, the massaging foot bath device, which looks like a small foot bath with effervescent water jets and small tampons. There are also devices that focus on massaging the calves and ankles, whose mechanism is based on kneading movements and vibrations to relieve the muscles. Some massage machines, which are more environmentally friendly, work without any power supply, while guaranteeing the same results.

Types of massage you can apply to your feet

The techniques used in foot reflexology are based on relief and acupuncture. By rolling your feet on the device, it activates the foot reflexology points and provides a feeling of well-being over your entire body. But the techniques of the foot massaging machine are not limited to relieving muscle pain. In fact, since it promotes the circulation of energy in the body, it is also beneficial for sleep, emotional management, stress, etc. With regard to the electric foot massager in particular, there are 5 different techniques: shiatsu massage, hydromassage, air compression massage, roller massage, and infrared heat diffusion.

Why opt for an electric foot massager?

Since feet also contribute to the proper functioning and health of the body, they need to be taken care of, particularly through massage. feet. There are many advantages to using an electric massager. The first reason why users buy it is primarily to avoid the expensive costs of the services of a professional masseur. The electric version allows you to perform your massage yourself, without the help of another person. Moreover, it is very easy to transport due to its small size. In addition to saving money, you will also save your time because not only will you no longer have to spend money to make an appointment with your masseur, but you will also say goodbye to the long hours of waiting before it is your turn. You will organize your schedule better! Electric massagers come in several varieties, such as pressure-based, heat-based, vibrating pimples or massage rollers. This device helps to relieve tension and stress, ensures good blood circulation and expels impurities from the body. If you have insomnia problems, it will also help you to increase the quality of your sleep. All of this is achieved by massaging the three nodes located at the base of each foot that impact the solar plexus.

How to choose your electric massage device?

You are spoilt for choice since there is a wide variety of these electric devices on the market. In order to make it easier for you, there are a few criteria to take into account. First of all, define the type of foot massage you wish to apply. If it is a simple relaxation massage after a hard day's work, then the standard models will do the job perfectly. In the case of a foot treatment, choose a heater. For a shiatsu massage, buy a foot massager that has this feature. Another parameter to consider is the power of the massager. For a basic model, you can have one with a power of 10 W. For a basic model, you can have one with a power of 10 W. For more powerful models, it can be up to 100 W. Next, check the level of comfort offered by the device: the footrests should fit the shape of your feet, you should not feel any pain when placing your feet on them and its covering should also be as comfortable as possible. The last criterion is the maintenance and hygiene of the device. Choose a device that is easy to clean and does not retain impurities. Some models can be maintained with a simple wipe, while others require cleaning with a soft cloth or water.

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