Published on : 31 May 20203 min reading time

Maintaining a healthy quality of life involves actively combating the factors that contribute to aging and premature exhaustion of the body and raising awareness of those that have a protective role. These include a balanced daily diet and regular physical activity.

Being in shape

Getting fit… and staying fit is a concern for many of us. And yet, it’s a fact: health is what you put on your plate and constant physical activity.

Preventing overweight, hypertension, cardio-vascular disease, diabetes… Being in shape means above all managing to control your caloric needs and fighting against sedentary lifestyles to condition your energy expenditure. Be aware and learn about the basics of a good diet to gain longevity and quality of life, this is what Herbalife offers.

Eating healthy and balanced, the ABC of good health

Healthy eating is above all about learning about food and its nutritional properties that are important for our health. Balanced meals have two sides: quantity and quality.

On the one hand, eating better means ensuring a good calorie distribution adapted to the different meals (according to age, sex, weight, height and daily activity), and on the other hand, it means respecting certain rules for cooking food (limiting fat, keeping vitamins and mineral salts).

While dietary changes have led to the disappearance of most dietary deficiencies, they are also the cause of various diseases. It is therefore essential to respect the few rules that govern a balanced diet to preserve one’s health capital.

Moving is good for body and mind

Numerous studies attest to the fact that sport is a great ally in regaining energy and well-being, and its therapeutic benefits are numerous on both the physical and psychological levels.

In addition to its favourable effect on the cardiovascular system (apart from any contraindications), physical activity has a positive impact on the locomotor system (muscular, articular and osseous).

Fighting sedentary lifestyles helps to prevent certain disorders, in particular pain in the hips, knees and spine.

Sport is the best preventive and curative treatment for osteoarthritis by promoting cartilage nutrition and is an excellent means of preventing osteoporosis (calcium fixation).

The list of beneficial virtues of an active lifestyle continues with its benefits on psychological health which are as important as the physical effects :

  • Stimulates self-confidence
  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Increases intellectual efficiency
  • Allows for distraction from professional or emotional concerns

Changing one’s eating habits and getting involved in sports is good for the body and morale at any age to optimize physical, mental and social balance.


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